Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well Done - Day 8 Poem

Hot Flash

in the pan
over coals
on the spit
at the stake

Do you wish to see me roast?
Twist in agony as flames lick,
skin blisters, flesh tightens?
Yes, I am guilty of that sin –
free thought without regret.

Here, let me be trussed,
collect life's juices, baste
myself with them. This bird
will cook to perfection. Let them
carve me to feed the hungry hordes.

Well, who the hell knows where poems come from? Yeah, I'm of a certain age, and lately I've been experiencing hot flashes. And the the phrase "flash in the pan" popped into my head. That's where I started. But then I went off into another realm altogether! Watch out for formerly repressed, middle-aged women - we can be dangerous!


Jo said...

I like your caution :)

Mad Mar said...

a fire theme indeed! I need a fan after reading that....

Erobintica said...

burn baby burn!