Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week Ago at In the Flesh: Emerald was Hot!

Last Thursday, Mr. E and I headed into New York City to meet up with a good friend of mine and then join Emerald and "Rick Write" for dinner before heading over to In the Flesh, where she was scheduled to read. I hadn't seen her since last summer (the great Gettysburg erotic writers dinner), and it was certainly a pleasure getting together again. And great fun meeting "Rick." I'd been wanting to get my husband down there to see what an erotic reading was like. Though this one wasn't that erotic, with the exception of Em's reading. If you would like to listen and watch for yourself, go here to her blog and enjoy!

Also scheduled to read was Stephen Elliott, who was up this way last November doing a reading that would have ... let's just say ... repercussions. He slept on our living room floor and tweeted about our "demon cats from hell." He was nice enough to stop by and say hi before he read.

It was a fun evening, and at least this time, being upstairs, we got to hear the readers. Being short, I was not able to see them read, so I appreciate the videos. The picture above left is one of those happy accidents. I was holding my camera over my head hoping to get something.  Below is what I actually got to see.

And I'll include the picture below, in which I am laughing and squinting and looking far too much like the middle-aged lady I am (hush everyone, I can hear you scolding me). Emerald of course looks lovely despite being nervous (this was taken before the reading). The other subject in the photo will have to remain unidentified (to protect the innocent and all that - yeah right). 

Well, I would write a bit more, but it looks like we're going to have a thunderstorm, so I better post this before something happens. 


Emerald said...

You look adorable in that picture!

Thanks for the write-up! It was quite a pleasure seeing you too and those accompanying you. I'm so glad we got to get together!

Erobintica said...

Thanks Em.

Jo said...

Aw, you do. That's Emerald's security bunny, right?

Erobintica said...

Jo, belongs to someone not pictured.