Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Between a rock and a hard place - Day 28 Poem


Left behind by ice
ages ago,
this rock, warmed
by vernal equinox sun,
exposed to elementary
alteration, welcomes
deviation from the normal.
Air unseasonably balmy,
bedeviling insects unhatched,
they choose this boulder,
mossy baptismal font,
altar to their concupiscence,
for belated consummation
of primitive home.
Earth still damp with thawing
winter, muddies under
their shifting boots.
Outside, under the mid-day
sun, laces undone, bare
legs wrap around thrusting
blue-jeaned hips, skin
receives stone impression,
bits of moss, crushed leaves
cling, to be washed
away later.

This poem took a bit of time to write today. I had NO CLUE what to write, so I just went into my photos to look for some inspiration. I saw this picture, of what I've named Vernal Equinox Rock, and so, this poem took shape. Yeah, finally, a little bit of eroticism. Oh, and for those that don't know, an erratic is a rock or boulder moved from its source by glaciers. We got lots of em up in Maine. This is a pretty little one. But just the right size. Grin.

Note: concupiscence was The Fucking Word of the Day.

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