Friday, April 30, 2010

Never trust a poem over thirty - Day 30 Poem

When she turned thirty, she

weighed about the same as now
was a mother of two little girls
lived in California on the central coast
didn't know what to do with her life
was lonely, all her friends had moved away
wouldn't get paid work again for a long time
kept too much hidden, even from herself
would soon cut her hair and hate it till it grew out
wouldn't understand why for many years
took pictures of the chocolate cake her husband made
couldn't know what the year would bring
would never believe what she'd be up to in twenty-two years

Today's poem, the last poem of April (unless one sneaks in later), just came from contemplating the big 30 and making a list. Between then and now I gained a lot of weight and lost it, several times. Those girls are both closer to 30 than 0. We're now on the East Coast (though farther from the actual coastline than we were then). I'm doing what I'm going to do with my life. I'm no longer lonely. I still don't get paid. I'm no longer hiding much of anything, hahaha. Never cutting my hair short again. I understand. The pictures of the cake are not digital and are in a box somewhere. That was one hell of a year. And I still at times don't believe what I've gotten up to. But all in all, it's good.


Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats on reaching 30! I think you've written some really nice poetry. Some, very complete in their own right, some that have the potential to grow.

Kind of like we are in life, eh?

I enjoyed being along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

From Mr. E, the old newspaper man: It's interesting that this ends at 30, the traditional symbol that ends news copy.

Jeremy Edwards said...

You had me at the title!!