Monday, April 5, 2010

If you don't like spiders... - Day 5 Poem

I Gave a Spider a Lift

Some sort of spider, it was hard to tell,
he  or she being on windshield's outside,
I being on the inside, driving. It wandered
a bit, walking back and forth across
my field of vision, seemed nonplussed
at thirty-five miles an hour, but then,
on the freeway at seventy-plus,
my little gray passenger just disappeared.

This poem formed in my head in the course of running errands today. There was one of those jumping spiders - which I always find very cute and fascinating - on the outside of my drivers side windshield. It paced while I drove and I wondered where I would lose it. Not sure when it went bye-bye, since I was paying attention to traffic as I merged, but it was gone by the time I looked for it again. I found this amusing video whilst googling "jumping spider" - the poor guy - he's working so hard and all she does is sit there and watch, but it ends just like a PG movie. I can only hope he got lucky.


Jo said...

er. This video is not for me. It was brave of me to look at the poem!

Cora Zane said...

WOW. I think he was hypnotizing her, maybe? *_* That was bizarre in an ooky spooky kind of way.