Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tonight a different movie please - Day 10 Poem

After Seeing a Good But Depressing Movie

Side by side we lay,
flipping pages, bumping toes.
Each sips from a cup –
you, Kahlua and milk,
me, chilled mead.
I read the same paragraph
over and over again,
have trouble with focus,
want something else
to distract my mind,
a good fuck perhaps.
We close our books,
turn out the light,
attempt to chase war away.
But my spirits won't lift,
my mind held tight
by the knowledge
of what I fear is being lost
at the mercy of nature.
That cruel bitch.
Stealing what drives me,
makes me who I am.
Common sense, speaking
with your voice, reassures me.
You know me better
than I give you credit for.
This too will pass –
I am the forever pendulum.
Still, I weep into my pillow.
Your fingers on my skin
try to soothe my spirit,
that libidinous imp held hostage
by chemical-carried messages
lost in the mail.
I cry, even though I know
there will be a fight to the death,
mine, before I give this up.
We hold each other,
skin to skin, side by side.

About time! Today it was actually pretty damn hard to write a poem. This is about the fourth try. Maybe it's because it's too sunny out. I want to be weeding in the garden, or hanging clothes on the line, or exercising. Anything but writing about what's on my mind.

oh, and the movie we saw last night was Green Zone.


Jo said...

Aw, that's sad.

I've been through some weird, post birth/breastfeeding libido disappearance issues in the last couple years. I managed to right things with Udo's oil, which is a hormone regulator among other wonders, and things seem more normal now.

My mother got through her menopause without many symptoms and attributed that to the fact that she didn't eat refined white flour or sugar. Mind you, she didn't have a husband at that stage either. So who knows.

Erobintica said...

Jo, I would write a completely different poem today.