Friday, April 16, 2010

Take the next left - Day 16 Poem


almost there, but
one small wrong turn
shatters me
around and around
no street signs
no stopping here
useless map
outside city limits
so close to the place
of my birth
but when I was young
we rarely ventured to this side
of the river
so I'm lost
driving in circles
sense of direction
all screwed up
by exhaustion
and more
but these words
are proof that
I'm not still lost

In case you're wondering, this poem IS autobiographical, LOL. I drove to Philadelphia today, got within a couple of miles of my destination and took a wrong turn, onto an expressway (see, there was this car carrier truck in front of my blocking my view of the off ramp... oh? you don't care?) - and well then...

This is my first blog post from about a dozen or so miles from my birthplace. Kinda cool.


Kam said...

and I was there (in Philly, anyway)

Craig Sorensen said...

I've been lost in Philly too.

Erobintica said...

And then I missed my exit in fucking NJ!!! and went 10 miles out of my way!!! late at night in the dark, in the rain!!! Didn't get home till 3AM!

Emerald said...

I actually ended up in Philly very briefly Friday night too due to missing my train in New York. I caught a later one to Philly and rented a car at the airport, from which I drove the rest of the way to Atlantic City. I think the lack of traffic due to its being the middle of the night probably helped in my not getting lost (had plenty of time and room to drive slowly and check the text messages I was receiving with directions, heh)!

I especially like the last lines (about not being still lost) of this poem, by the way. :) Very glad you made it safely.

Erobintica said...

Em - that's so funny! Sorta twilight zoney.