Monday, April 26, 2010

Receptive - Day 26 Poem

By Nature, Erotic

inescapable, this
elemental, essential
mere words whispered

this is my nature
denial is
futile, foolish

avid, ardor
in heat,
my molten core

I struggle with language, my
meager endeavor to explain
why eros envelopes me

This poem was hard to write. I've been working on it, in itty bitty bits, for hours. Yes, I'm distracted. In good ways. I'm pretty sure this is one that I'll want to keep working on. The idea is there, simmering just below the surface. But for me, this is just not erotic enough.

 Speaking of erotic, I have had two poems make it into the Literary Art Showcase of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival!!!  "I Want to Watch" and "Memento Vivere." And yes, I'll probably post them here this weekend, since I cannot be at the festival (boo hoo).


Mad Mar said...

beautiful poem, spare, revealing

Anonymous said...

Nice poem Erobintica...and congrats again on SEAF!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Hear, hear on the congrats and the poem. If you keep working on it, I hope you'll post the revised version.

Erobintica said...


Jo said...

Hurray, well done!

Erobintica said...

thanks Jo!