Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kicking back - Day 27 Poem


Just like kids they are,
so fucking tired of just
another day, work,
not enough play, weight
on shoulders needs
shaking off, after voting,
dinner, quick school kid
trip, they slap the laptops
closed, ready to kick back,
watch politically incorrectness,
in the dark, maybe with popcorn.

Okay, I'm starting to resent, just slightly, the fact that I NEED TO write and post a poem every friggin' day! I'm under time pressure here because Mr. E (who's been away on bizniss the whole dang weekend plus) and I are playing hooky from mom & dadville and going to see Kick Ass! So, once again, banging out a poem on short notice. Under pressure.

Addenda: Kick Ass kicked ass! (I'm sure that's been said a bajillion times, but it's true)


Mad Mar said...

oh yeah. Love the post the whole thing, poem, rant and video. Thanks for sharing it.

Erobintica said...

thanks Mar!