Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mirror, mirror - Day 22 Poem

I look like my sister from the back

my hair tucked through ball cap's opening,
old jeans and work boots, t-shirt, middle-aged,
and it's like a slap, startling me out of my sun-soaked
reverie, and this is not at all the poem I intended
to write, but instead a reminder that what I feel
on the inside does not necessarily translate
to the outside, and I wonder why this is,
why I do not look like how I feel.

Whoa! This is NOT the poem I thought I was going to be writing, was writing, when I started out. Today's Earth Day and I was writing a poem about some wisteria that had choked a cedar tree to death. And I guess I'll still write that one, but that's not my poem of the day, obviously. So, I went outside and lay down in the sun a bit, just being lazy and soaking it up. It was nice. Then I came in and was about to continue on the poem, when I got an email with pictures from the outing when I saw the wisteria this morning. And it was of the back of me (a group of people working) and I was so totally shocked because I look like my sister (at least to me). So, that's where this poem came from. For some reason I'm feeling particularly old today. And no, the picture above is NOT the picture I'm referring to. I look like me in this one. Yeah, mood swings.

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