Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Foolish Poem - Day 1 Poem

So here 'tis my first effort. 


start with strawberries
tart points of edible red
hearts wear green skirts
plucked away, discarded
bathed in cool water
laid bare to dry
sanguine juices blot
folded paper as berries
await their fate
mound in bowl, press
until flesh gives way
becomes pulp
set aside
thick with buttery Spring
pour the heavy Jersey
whisk to soft peaks
melting mountains
spoon pomace
swirl within the cream
meld the flavors
leave streaks behind
the two never completely
blending, always
simply complex

So, today is April Fool's Day. Spring. I can hear the birds twittering outside as the day lightens. On weekdays (like today), I plan to do my poem-a-day in the morning after getting my son off to school (yes, his bus comes at 6:25am - high schoolers don't need sleep do they?). I plan on giving myself a half hour in which to write. And it worked. I finished this poem at 6:55am today. I like that it's slightly erotic.

Am I a fool? Today this worked, tomorrow? And what of weekends? Why should I worry - they are just poems, right? Maybe out of the month I'll get one or two good ones - only time will tell. 

So, when I fired up my laptop this morning, I was reminded that today was a day dedicated to fools (or making fools, or fooling people, or just being foolish). But my mind was not on that. Last night my husband gave me a title of a poem (not this one) - which maybe I'll write tomorrow - and THAT was in my head, so when I thought FOOL, I thought of the dessert, and since Spring means strawberries to me (from our days of living in a strawberry-growing area of California) - I thought of this. And I think I'll make it for dessert tonight! I use, when I can get it, a heavy Jersey cream, which in the Spring, when the cows are eating fresh grass, is tinged a lovely yellow. That's why butter and margarine is colored yellow, so that it "looks" like it's supposed to (grain fed cow cream doesn't look like that). 

Sorry, I'm off on a tangent - I must be getting hungry. 


Jo said...

ah, brilliant! Lovely idea, vibrant poem.

6.25... shudder. The horror.

Go for it! Poems can be very short, you know!

Craig Sorensen said...


I love it. And I'll enjoy following your challenge.

I'm willing to bet that if you stick with it, you'll have more than one or two by the end of the month, even if a few are just germs of ideas.

Regarding 6:25, by the time you get started, I've usually been up three hours... ;-)

Spamword: reast

as in reast boaf. (get it, roast beef. I said I've been up hours, not that I'm entirely lucid.)

Happy April Fool's day!

Erobintica said...

Thanks Jo. Yeah, I usually do short poems, and these daily ones will certainly be that! I bet some days I'll even have haikus - or haikinkies ;-)

And thanks Craig. And you gave me an idea! I could use some spamwords as prompts. I KNOW I'm gonna need prompts this month.

Shanna Germain said...

Yah, awesome!

I haven't written mine yet. -coughcough-


Dreamer said...

Hi Robin,
I think I'll join you in your poem a day...I'm found of senryus, so I think I'll be doing those ;)

Love your strawberries!

me...I'm up at 5am usually ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Such succulent images!

"Simply complex"!