Friday, April 23, 2010

In record time - Day 23 Poem


I am missing you she thinks
wishing she could grab
onto the letters she's typing
and race with them through
those magical connections
to pop out on the other side
and no longer be without

It's almost 5pm and I realized as I typed an email that I had not written a poem. So, in six minutes I banged this out. Record time, and it probably shows.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your daily poems and I think this is one of your better efforts. See what happens when you don't over think things too much?


jacquezyon said...

Nicely put. Sometimes the best stuff comes in the least amount of time.

Anonymous said...

When you don't give enough time for the "demons" to wake up and take control, a lot of wonderful stuff gets through before they sabotage everything. Give this "spontaneous-before-I-have-time-to-think-about-it" a shot and see what happens...

The real Robin has always been there. You just give ghosts too much respect and power. Tell them I said to leave you alone...


Erobintica said...

Actually all these poems this month have taken less than half an hour and NO editing before I put them here. It's just that today's was really rushed.

Is nice to see you commenting again Linda. :-)

Jacque - and it's nice to see you commenting too - I've been looking for an email contact for you but can't find one - mine is here under my profile. Email me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lurking was getting to be really boring...if I'm going to read, I should participate. I know you understand. It's been a tough year...

Anyway, I've enjoyed and connected with just about every poem you've written so far, but today just touched a cord with me that made me react. Isn't that what writing is all about? Audience.