Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bound and determined - Day 13 Poem

Latch on Leather

Never intended to buy anything,
other than maybe a bead,
but that shop is gone, and I end up
back here, where wonder tracks
have led me, and I see the journals,
leather-bound, displayed, beckoning
to me, knowing I've not bought
myself a new book to write in
for some time, and the brass latch
adorning the small, hand-stitched
cover, attracts me, says touch me,
and I do, working the lock to lay open
pages of creamy, white handmade
paper, their small size just perfect
for my small thoughts, and though
I replace the little one to examine
larger, more ornate repositories,
I return to this one, were I will rest.

This wonderful little blank journal (3x4 inches) was purchased last night. It's from these folks, and I am seriously craving some of their other ones (if not most). It's a size that will fit in my purse - my warm weather one that is - and I look forward to using it. I tend to be rather utilitarian in my blank journal choices, so this was a bit of a splurge for me at $16. But I am in love with the latch!

Oh, and I wrote something in it last night - but that's not my poem-a-day poem. 

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