Sunday, April 11, 2010

20/20 Hindsight - Day 11 Poem


All day, her necklace has been turned, wrong side faced out,
cabochon dome towards her heart rather than the world.
She tends to look inwards more often than some
might think wise, forever pondering those mysteries
that lie within. She's been accused of spending too much
time gazing into the crystal ball of the past. Time wasted
when she could be making forward progress. Onward
and upward. Not backwards. But the best way to not get lost,
while hiking, is to glance back, see the world from this
new viewpoint, because it is always changing, and knowing
where you came from helps you choose your path wisely.

At first, this evening, I started a completely different poem. While writing it, and not liking where it was going, I noticed my necklace was on backwards. It had been mentioned to me during dinner, I think, but it really didn't work it's way into my consciousness. So, as I undid the clasp and turned it around, this poem started. So, I went with this. And then it took it's own route.

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