Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Crazy Ass Week Coming Up

Today I made a list of things that MUST get done this week, along with the things that are happening to get in the way of getting those things that MUST get done done. And I went *I must be crazy*!!!!!! But, sometimes I thrive on weeks like this one coming up. So, we will see.

I've got blog stuff. A new Beginner's Ball where I will touch on the subject of "the evils of erotica" (insert manic laughter here). I'm going to be posting on two consecutive days an interview I did with Randy Lagana whose work has graced my blog since the first Beginner's Ball back in March. (Image above: Collection of Parts by Randy Lagana)

There's a mess of submissions that I have almost ready and I need to get those sent off on the little virtual paper airplane (wooosh) in time so I'm not kicking myself.

Then there's poetry work. Gotta work on bookings for our poetry series. And I've been asked to feature someplace in July and so I need to get my ass in gear so the chapbook I've been working on is ready then. And I've started another blog project. Plus I need to get some poems that are started on paper typed into my computer.

On top of all that, I intend on writing a piece or two about the quilt project that I took on the finishing of after my friend passed away. And it has to be done this week. The writing and the quilt.

And that's just the writing stuff!!! I won't bore you with the other shit that's happening - some of it fun (goose banding) some not (can you say "let's clean house?"). And it's supposed to rain most of the week. And I need to get out and walk more, even if it is raining. And and and.


Marina said...

Nice ass, Robin!

Good luck with all of your busy work!

Erobintica said...

Thanks (for the luck on the week - the ass ain't mine, unfortunately, haha)