Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, somebody might get mad at me for posting this - but I think AM would have liked it. She gave me the nickname Erobintica, and I miss her terribly. She was a talented performer, poet, quilt artist and so much more. This was her signature piece and I hope you all enjoy it.


Marina said...

Oh, Robin, I can see why you love her! Wow - such a force, such a talent. Such a loss that she is gone, but such a wonderful thing that you knew her and were her friend. Thanks for sharing.

Craig Sorensen said...


Made me laugh and gave me chills! Not an easy combination to make happen.

Yes indeed, sad she's gone but you are blessed to have known her. Some people go through a long life not knowing someone with that sort of spirit. Some get around it and never see it.

Thank you for sharing this so I could at least get a glimpse!

Erobintica said...

Thanks for your comments Marina and Craig. Made me feel a little better about sharing.