Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Because

- because it starts bugging me if I have the same post up for too many days
- because the sun came out this afternoon (though this picture wasn't taken today)
- because I've been sitting and finishing a quilt and thinking


Marina said...

Look out, she's having a thinky day again!

Enjoy your time with the quilt and the memories it represents.

Erobintica said...

;-) Yeah! Watch out! Hehehe, thanks Marina.

Danielle said...

that makes me think of maya angelou an dthat great ( well back then it was great) movie "an american quilt"

Erobintica said...

Danielle - oh! that was a good movie - How To Make An American Quilt.

I'm going to be posting about this quilt with some pictures. Sometime soon.

Danielle said...

ha! it reallxy was..wasnt?..cant wait to see that pics:-)