Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting all cavewoman on ya

Hey, I'm just back briefly at home to make a cake for dessert - my potluck offering tonight. I'm out at a "primitive skills gathering" - stuff like fire-making, basketry, flint-knapping, etc. and bow making - and I have been working on making my own "self-bow" - when it's done I'll take a picture. I'm going around wearing this knife (that hubby made me for mother's day a couple of years ago) in it's sheath (that I made) around my neck. Sorry, no buckskin loinclothed men this year. :-(

Mr. E and I are camping out - last night was fun - tonight should be too (get me in a tent and I'm a fiend - see here).

I'll be back tomorrow with a proper promo - but in the meantime, tomorrow is Neve Black's turn at the Spicy Summer Sundays blog tour. She's cilantroing. (yeah spellcheck, I made that up).

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