Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fit to be tied

Here's the story I entered in Alison Tyler's latest story contest. I didn't place but I did get 3 votes. I voted for Renae's "You Decide" and my husband voted for tygre's "Bound to be Patient." I don't tell him which of the stories is mine. One of these days he'll guess, but he hasn't so far. Is that good? Not sure I want to think too hard about that one. ;-)

Strands of Imagination
© Robin Elizabeth

I lay still. Quiet. On my side. Arms over my head, wrists held together by strands. Waiting for his first touch. Where will he start? My shoulder? Elbow? Maybe the back of the neck, lifting my hair to gently kiss the nape. Or he might trace my spine down to it's tip, then return. The thought made me shiver. He might start with my lips, parting them with his thumb, testing my tongue. Or he might stroke along the side of my body, from wrist, down the arm, brushing past breast, over waist, hip, all the way down my leg to stroke my foot. Maybe he'd just give my nipple a quick twist and make me jerk at the sudden intensity. He could spiral a finger around and around my navel. Or gently brush his fingers through the thick curly brown hairs till he finds wetness. Because I will be wet. And I'll not be able to return his touch, just receive. He'll keep at it till I tremble and pant, crazed with lust. Wanting more than  just his hands, his mouth, his cock. I'll want to fuck his mind. Make his imagination come.

© Robin Elizabeth. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission of the author.

These quick little exercises have sure been fun. Good for getting the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Life's been a bit crazy these last few days, but once the New Year has come and gone, things generally quiet down and I plan on really getting a good bit of writing done. And I can't wait for more of these "writing prompts" from Alison. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spicy Mango Slices dipped in Chocolate Fondue & Kneepads

Despite a wondrous eight inches of snow that fell, all the members my writing group were able to dash through the winter wonderland today - to meet, write, talk, and most importantly - to FEAST! One of my contributions was chocolate fondue with all the standard dippers - marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries, bananas, etc. But a chance contribution to the table, of Trader Joe's Spicy Mango Slices (dried mangos coated in chile powder) - led me to try something - and I discovered an orgasmic treat. Dripping chocolate, bite of hotness, sweet tropical chewiness. Oh my, and mimosas to go with! If one likes this sort of thing - spicy with sweet, do try it. 

We also did a writing exercise (unfortunately a couple of them had to leave beforehand) - each person wrote a line then passed the paper to the next person and they wrote a line off that one, then folded the paper to hide the previous line and passed it on till everyone had contributed a line. This was one of the results - we knew it was good when the person who started it laughed as she read the results - we couldn't wait to hear it. The wonderful women of this writing group gave me permission to post it here. I love them!

Cardinal sits on a snowbank
beads in hand mumbling to himself
he stoops to pray though entranced by her
takes communion then strategizes confession
gets her kneepads ready

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My latest entry in Alison Tyler's blog contest was an interesting writing exercise because spanking holds no erotic anything for me. Oh, I've read plenty of spanking stories that have gotten me hot, but it's not because of the smack, but other elements. I almost passed this contest by - glad I didn't. Not only did I write one, but I decided to write it from the male perspective and I have to say I liked it. And I guess other people did too, it got 4 votes! So here it is:

Brand Spanking New
© Robin Elizabeth

Hard to believe I was about to do this. Slowly, she lifted her skirt, turned and bent herself over my anxious lap. her bare ass mesmerized me. Spanking had never held any attraction for me before. My parents had only raised their hands at us in anger and it seemed rather odd to me that anybody would find it erotic. But Janie, my new girlfriend was about to change all that. For her it was a turn-on like no other.

Her: "You need to know - umm - I like to be spanked - yes, spanked - I love the sting of a bare-handed smack on my ass - hard enough to heat the skin - then have fingernails gently trail across the redness before sliding between my legs."

Me: Speechless. Not really shocked, but disconcerted. Mouth gone dry. Unexpectedly getting hard. Wow.

When I admitted my ambivalence, she'd lent me on of her collections of stories. Obviously in hopes of sparking my interest. I did find them arousing. More so than I cared to admit. But she could tell. So here we were, her luscious rump waiting, her breath quickening, my heart beating faster. I raised my hand.
 © Robin Elizabeth. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission from the author. 

One of the many topics I intend on musing on in this blog is how and why my mind conjures these erotic images that I then feel compelled to put  into words. The whole "why write it" thing - why not? Why is writing sex  - not "about" sex - but actually writing sex (it turns you on, right?) not taken as seriously? I'm quite interested in improving my erotic writing, just as I am in my other writing. Well, I'd muse more right now, but I need to go work on my next entry in Alison's blog contest. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'tis the season

I just finished putting the lights on our tree. Yeah, in many household's it's the "mans" job - but not in ours. The lights are my domain. We have cats, three of them, the youngest only about 6 months old. We put the tree up bare for a day or two, then add the lights. Ornaments will get put on when the college kid comes home. The cats are dangerous - we always lose a few ornaments each year. We've learned to put the expendable ones low and the sentimental ones higher up and very secure. Our fat cat just likes to sit and look at the lights. She seemed downright pleased to see me get out the strands tonight.

So now I'm sitting and having a nice cup of tea, listening to Winter Solstice, enjoying the lights - I have some candles going too - on this dark cold night. There's snow and sleet due tonight. Hoping to get cozy with my guy later - if he finishes up in Santa's Workshop before I start fading. For some reason the past couple of days I've been thinking back to our first Christmas - though we didn't spend the holiday together - we had our respective families to go "home" to - though we were fairly new lovers. What I remember about that year was our first Christmas tree and rolling around on the living room floor with it nearby and a fire in the fireplace. Lots of kissing. For some reason I remember the kissing more than the sex. Isn't that funny?

Yeah, my mind often turns to sex. My husband has always said I have a "one track mind" and it's true. But I've also tended to be shy - so most people had no clue. Still don't. Oh, my writing friends know - hard for them to not, what with the subject matter I tend towards. But this is new, this blogging stuff, and sending my erotica (though I kinda like the word smut) out into the world. I'm sitting here wondering what those friends I share this with will think. Actually I think they'll be thrilled for me. 

Now, folks like my sister. Ahem. The other day I listened politely as she went on about the internet and how she thinks there's too much weird stuff - teens posting pictures of themselves naked for all to see - and that some things should be "private." I sat there wondering what she would think if she knew about this blog, and about me starting to send out erotic stories in - heaven help us! -hopes of getting them published. Her and I have never talked about sex other than peripherally. She's older, but that shouldn't matter. I doubt she will find out, so I'm not worried about it. And I wouldn't be doing this if I was afraid of people finding out. Fuck the fear.

So instead of visions of sugarplums, I'm thinking up some icy hot winter stories. Something to wile away these long, dark nights. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Motel Sex

This was my entry in Alison Tyler's Motel Sex contest - and my first entry ever!  Years and years ago we stayed in a really scuzzy motel - that room stuck in my head and showed up in this story. As always, reality was not nearly as fun as fiction.

Hole in the Wall
© Robin Elizabeth

Sunday night, it was late, we were both tired of driving. The fog had been dense along the highway. Now we hit town looking for someplace to get off the road to rest ... or not. Tom had tried to sound harsh telling me to stop as I'd let my hand stray over the gear shift to his thigh, 
but I could tell he liked it. Up ahead there was a hazy glow.
MOTEL. We pulled in, rented a $19 room.

We opened the door and could hardly believe our eyes. What had happened here? Crooked
lampshade, obvious stains on the rug, torn upholstered chair and there in the wall over the
bed was a hole in the drywall, six inches in diameter. Tom and I looked at each other, laughed, and he said, "well, as long as we're being classy we might as well do it right." He fell back on
the bed, folded his arms under his head and said "show me what cha got." Then he giggled.
Yeah, he giggled and I stripped.

With the television tuned loudly to the local cable access channel - some help us pray for our
school administrators wacko group - we fucked like our souls depended on it. As we were
flipping over so that he was on top, one of the bed legs collapse and Tom's head smacked
into the wall and left another hole. Yeah, wonder what happened here. 

© Robin Elizabeth. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission from the author.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not quite a virgin blogger

About five years ago I started a blog, kept at it for less than a month or so. Don't think anybody ever read it - it was borrrrrriiiiinnnngggg. So I'm not really a virgin when it comes to blogging, but I'm sure not very experienced. But since I started taking my writing of erotica seriously and finally started submitting it, well, I figured this was a way for me to muse away the minutes as I started out on this smutted road. And to have a "presence" - since I have to keep this area of my life a bit separate from others (I am a mom of kids old enough to be absolutely mortified - in other words "young adults" which means that they just don't want to think about, much less know about what their mom is thinking about and writing about). 

So, this is all pretty new to me - should be interesting. 

One of my first forays was a story, Hole in the Wall, I entered in the Motel Sex contest at Alison Tyler's blog. It got three whole votes!