Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thunder and Words

Laying in bed this morning listening to pouring rain and window-rattling thunder (guess I'm not taking a walk this morning) - pondering the stories I have going and how I'll ever find the time to do all the things I want to do. I'd hoped to have the interview with Randy Lagana up this week, but unless he has ESP, it'll have to wait because I haven't gotten the questions to him (there is a reason why I could never be a reporter). I started a list of writing projects I want to complete at some point in the next few months and it was an awfully long list. I've set myself some deadlines for this month (both externally-imposed and self-imposed) - we'll see how I do. For now I'll drink my coffee and try to finish one story and start on another, and another...
That photo of the lilacs was taken last month during a rip-roaring thunderstorm over in NY.

Side note: Once again I was a blog slut this weekend. While I was busy handing out chili pepper vibes and making you all talk dirty, I got "inserted" over at Shanna Germain's Chapter 37 blog


Nikki Magennis said...

Wow, what a stunning image, Robin.

Erobintica said...

Hey Nikki, thanks. I always forget that a flash does interesting things with raindrops, and it always takes me by surprise when I see the result. I really liked this.

Emerald said...

How cool — making one's own knives. I must say I don't think it's something I ever even considered.

Lovely picture — I love lilacs, and I love storms when they're not dangerous (been having one here today).

I laughed at this post — thanks! ;) I hear you about the writing list. I have (::checking::) five stories on the "really active" list right now with two or three right behind them on the "somewhat active." Then there's one on the "reactivate" list that might even come before attending to the four on the "really active" list after the one that is almost finished now. Alrighty then! Enough rambling about that impromptu "system" of mine, lol.

Have a beautiful day!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, I could lose myself in this picture.

Would you mind if I used it for a painting? Drop me a line at nikki dot magennis at googlemail dot com if you get time - I can't seem to find an email for ya.


Erobintica said...

Hi Emerald - sorry I missed you - been busy writing!

yes, we all have our lists don't we? I did get several things checked off mine yesterday.

And Nikki - so glad you like it!