Sunday, June 28, 2009

Found Fortune Cookie Poem

The will to do, the soul to dare
is yours for the taking, if you prepare

This little couplet was in a fortune cookie I opened today - my family had chinese take-out last night while I was out. I kinda liked this and it fits well with what I'm trying to do with my life right now. I'm off canada goose banding again tomorrow - have to be out of the house by about 6am. Ack!

Oh, my Randy Lagana interview will - hopefully - run on this Wed. and Thurs. I am really pushing to get a few antho submissions in. I'm so bad - always waiting till the last minute.


Danielle said...

what is this goose-thing all about?..:-)

Erobintica said...

Danielle - our state (and I'm sure others) captures and bands resident Canada geese in order to keep track of them (they can be a nuisance). We round them up (well, a representative sample) once a year when they are molting and can't fly away and put little bracelets with identification numbers on them and determine their sex and write that all down and let them go - they usually go off honking and complaining and we get covered in goose shit and get scratched up and even bitten (one got my arm today). It's great fun.

Danielle said...

oh i would love to to help with sounds like fun...and i think gooses are very interesting..most people dont know how intelligent they are...a while ago i saw wild gooses for the first time in my life here in germany...they where beautiful..big with dark heads and wings...

ps: ero dont let them beat you..they have a lot of power in their wings!