Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Sweet Flasher

Hey - I'm gonna try to catch up again with posting my entries to Alison Tyler's flasher contests. This one is from back in April. Got an "I [heart] Pie" button for this one I think. Hehe, I've lost track of contest themes and buttons. So many so many.

Silky Smooth Icing

She can’t help herself. Glancing around to make sure no one is looking, she reaches under her apron and gives her nipple a pinch. Presses her thighs together, aching for something to rub against.

The long glass case filled with elaborately decorated cakes separates her from them. Allows her to listen in while working. They come in twice a month to partake of the treats and sip coffee. To talk shop.

She’s been told they’re erotica authors. Eavesdrops on their conversations, littered with words that make her blush, make her sense the creaminess between her legs.

She works. Cake layers are prepared, laid out waiting. Two fillings. One is tart, thick lemon with flecks of zest. The other a blood-red raspberry, seeds strained out and sweetened just so.

She takes up her spatula, begins spreading the lemon first. The authors talk about sucking cock. She yearns to dip her finger in the filling, taste the sharp flavor, but doesn’t dare.

She spreads the raspberry filling, adds the last cake layer, presses down so the red oozes out gently. The authors talk. Bondage. Spankings. Sex toys. The usual.

As she prepares the glossy chocolate ganache that will cover the cake, she thinks of the baker in the back room, his apron dusty with flour, his hair held by a net. His aroma. Sweet, sweaty, earthy.

The authors will leave, she’ll pull the shades, lock the door, take off her apron. In the back, they’ll slice the cake, share it. Before.

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