Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spicy Summer Sundays Begin!

Today is the start of a summer-long exploration of all things spicy. Conceived and hosted by Marina St. Clare and Donna George Storey, each Sunday a different erotic writer/blogger will offer up a different spice (or herb) in whatever way they desire. It should be delectable!

Head over to Donna's blog today where she's serving a sultry spicy sexy soup along with beverages to loosen the tongue – Demon-Slayer sake, Mas Malbec and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. And look! One's already been emptied and filled with summer flowers. Oh, and she has cookies of course!

I'm excited to be next week's host and my offering will be hot chili powder - but I'm not making chili.  ;-) 

Here's the full line up for the summer.

5/31  Donna George Storey – Opening and introduction
6/7    Erobintica (me! - right here) – Hot Chili Powder
6/14  Neve Black – Cilantro
6/21  Summer Marsden – Cumin
6/28  Gina Marie – Cinnamon
7/5    J.M. Stone – Thyme
7/12  Craig Sorenson – Pepper
7/19  Jeremy Edwards – Dill
7/26  Isabel Kerr – Ginger
8/2    Marina St. Clare – Basil
8/9    Cerulean – Rosemary
8/16  Emerald – Poppy Seeds
8/23  P.S. Haven – Salt
8/30  End of summer ceremonies back at Donna's

Thursday, May 28, 2009

...and I'm okay

I always loved this skit!

Well, hard to believe a week has passed since In The Flesh and tomorrow it'll have been a week since hubby and I went up to do some lumberjacking. Actually, he wielded the chainsaw (I have my own "girly" rechargeable one, but with no electrical outlets in the woods...) and I carried and stacked. Mule work. Probably stacked three cords of wood. It was good but exhausting work and each night I tried to read blogs and post, but my brain didn't want to function and my eyes didn't want to focus. I just wanted to sleep. Then home and a busy week. So busy it got me down. Because there's so much I want to do, and there never seems to be enough time.

Anyhow. I'm just gonna post some pictures tonight (it's already past 9:30pm!) and then hopefully tomorrow write more. Oh, and here's a couple of "crotch shots" for Nikki, who likes her some tree pron too! My husband figured I'd like these when he cut them. ;-)

And here are just some random pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down Time

Been quiet. Been working. Been tired. Been away to where we're from away. Been down. Still sorta down. And I sorta know why and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. So I've been quiet. I took a mess of fun & pretty pictures for my blog, but this one is the only one I'm posting right now. Taken during our lunch break on Saturday. 

Now I have to try and catch-up with what's been going on in blogland. And also see if I can make a deadline or two  or if I'll just blow them off - lots to think about. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stay Tuned

A great time was had yesterday at In The Flesh, and my husband gave me an idea for a wonderful post title, but we have to leave for Maine in 20 minutes, so that report will be forthcoming this evening. (Neither his truck nor our piece of heaven up there have wifi).

Update: I am exhausted and my brain is fried - so I'm not going to try and do a post about last night's In The Flesh right now - I just want to sleep......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marina St. Clare is curious about covering all the angles

Beginner's Ball #5 is over at Marina St. Clare's blog today. Nymphs, a satyr, goat porn. What more can you ask for? Well, she's asking what do YOU write about. Head over there and tell us.

Beginner's Ball is a series started by writers Erobintica,Helia Brookes and Marina St. Clare. We hope to address issues of interest to new eroticists and more experienced writers as well. This series travels blog to blog. If you are interested in hosting, please let us know!

Fleshing out fantasy

Yesterday, Donna George Storey blogged about fantasies being fantasies being fantasies...

which made this song pop into my head (damn! embedding disabled - it's Billy Idol's "Flesh For Fantasy" - with the lip thing going really good)...

which got me thinking about blurring of lines. I bought Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden way back when it first came out in paperback. It was well-read (used?) by me back-in-the-day. Also got the follow-up books, Forbidden Flowers and Men In Love. I don't recall hearing that the sexual "fantasies" were actually fiction - in other words, not "real" fantasies. But somehow it doesn't surprise me. But WTF??? 

Donna did a great job of twisting that genre all around (go read "Jessica's Fantasies"). But the more I thought about fantasies - which are fiction, right? - but can be based on truth - well, my head started spinning. 

And then my reactions over the course of my lifetime to my own sexual fantasies got me thinking - and well, like I've said before, when I start thinking - watch out! I've had ... um ... sexual fantasies ... or what might be considered sexual fantasies ... for a very long time. Had a love/hate relationship with them. At times in my life (early teens) I wanted to NOT have them because they tended to lead to !!!!!!! oh no! not that! masturbation - shhhh - I never said that!

I remember - I was a freshman in high school and somebody was passing around - in art class of all places - some pamphlet talking about "self-abuse" and how it was a sin and since I was an impressionable, church-going (at the time), full-of-guilt (at the time), extremely horny (duh!) thirteen-year-old, I took it to heart. New Year's Resolutions anyone?

Hahahahahaha. I am so fucking glad I survived that time of my life. Anyhow. Now here I am, many decades later, and I'm taking fantasies, old and new, and fleshing them out in order to turn them into fiction. But ... what of the stories I create that are not based on my own fantasies? Are they fantasies? They are, but they aren't. Sometimes by writing I create a new fantasy. 

Well, I could go on and on, but there's a new Beginner's Ball up - this one is #5 - over at Marina St. Clare's blog - and her topic is !!! "Anything But Underaged Goat Porn!"  Curious? Hehehe.

Fucking Excuses

So, yeah, I haven't posted anything since Saturday because I've been drawing a blank - also because I've been busy and haven't had much time to hang out here. And one post I'd hoped to make was a no-go because the picture I took (with my cell phone which does not make a good camera) didn't turn out and it would have been pointless.

Then yesterday I was reading a post by Donna George Storey and got an idea, but then was interrupted (I think by my cats, but I can't remember) and then forgot it (write it down Robin write it down). Then cerulean gave me an idea for a blog post, which ties in nicely to a couple of things, but I was too tired last night to write it.

So, this morning I'm gonna try to do several quicky posts before I have to get going on everything else.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alison Tyler feels me up

Oh, I meant Alison Tyler interviews me! You were expecting something else? 

It's over at her Trollop Salon blog. She liked my story "Rewind" from the last contest. So she sent questions. And I answered them to the best of my ability. Her teaser at her main blog is pretty amusing - Trollop with a Laptop. Oh, and if you comment you might win a button!

It's been a long day - I didn't see this till I got home - and my brain is seriously not wanting to work. So here's a picture from a not-so-fancy camping trip.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, somebody might get mad at me for posting this - but I think AM would have liked it. She gave me the nickname Erobintica, and I miss her terribly. She was a talented performer, poet, quilt artist and so much more. This was her signature piece and I hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've got a dirty mind

So, I'm sitting in the dentist's office,
thumbing through some design magazine
and I see this.

Is it just me?

Is my mind that filthy?

It's a "citrus reamer" ...

yeah, right. 

Comes in titanium or zinc.

I think I need to get me one of these - to make lemonade, ya know?

No longer true now that this is not the most recent post, but - still - 
Holy Juxtaposition Batman! The copy for this reamer of citrus fruits reads "Beauty and the Beast" - which is the title of the Randy Lagana work just over there in the right sidebar. Honestly, I didn't plan that at all, had to add this after publishing the post. Hahaha

Pretty Photo Break

Don't have time to put up a new post right now, but I hate to leave old posts sitting there when I want to do a new one. So, here's something lovely to look at. I'm off to the dentist. And if I posted this picture before, so what?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting to where I'm going

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. ~ Douglas Adams

Wandering in the wilderness. Trying to find my way. Lost? Or found? From the backseat - are we there yet? For too long I haven't really had in my mind where I wanted to go with my life. Now I'm starting to.

It's not always easy, knowing which way to go. For too many years I "let the fear take the wheel and steer." Guess that's why this song resonated with me so strongly. (The video with the cool hand drawing has had embedding disabled but you can watch it here.) 

So, where am I going with this? I'm not sure. I've kind of given up the endless planning I did all the time (to the point of not doing anything, just planning things) and just doing stuff.  I just sit and start typing. Oh, I'll have an idea to start with, but I don't work it all out ahead of time. And honestly, I don't remember what I had thought I'd say when I was thinking of this post earlier today. This evening has been filled with interrupting phone calls - my train of thought has been derailed several times. And it's late. So, I'll just leave you with an image - a place of beginning.

Where am I going with this?

For the most part I had a pretty nice weekend. For the most part. But this morning I'm thinking (oh no, watch out!) and it sure doesn't help that there seems to be a lot of thinky blog posts this morning. But I'm not sure what I'm thinking. So, because I'm a bit particular about my blog, I didn't want to leave the Mother's Day post up when it's now Monday. But I don't have time to write much. Plus, like I said, I'm thinking. So I'll post this picture and then get on with my day and come back and hopefully post something that isn't a fucking waste of your time to read.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For All Those Fucking Mothers

Because anyone who is a mother or who has a mother - well, fucking was involved in that creation. So, no flowers or candy, but here's a lovely Ani DiFranco song that whenever I hear it brings tears to my eyes - even when I heard it live. So have a happy day wherever or whoever your are.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The real me?

For days I've been wanting to write this piece. In the back of my mind little phrases and ideas have been tumbling around, going pop pop pop while I walk through my days, like one of those toddler push toys. God, I loved the sound of those. Bought one for my first nephew when he was little - I'm sure my sister appreciated that. They're not the same now though, all plastic and "safe." (you can actually buy this vintage one on Pop pop pop.

Last week in the comments on Beginner's Ball #4, there seemed to be a preponderance of not sharing going on when it came to having spouses reading our erotica. (That's probably a poorly written sentence, but fuck it, I'm just trying to get this damn thing written.) And I've been thinking about that. Pop pop pop. We want to. Share that is. I know I do. But something is holding me back. Others too it seems.

What is it? Do I think he'll be shocked? Actually, knowing how well he knows me, the answer is no. He knows I have a dirty mind, always have. Miss one-track here. So what is it? One comment (and I'm too lazy to go back and see who made it or to quote exactly, so I'll say this now - I probably got it wrong) said something like this - he might think I actually want to do this. Hmmmmmm. 

Pop pop pop. Okay. So, is that the case with me? Am I afraid my husband will actually think I want to do some of the stuff I write about? Do I? If I say oh, this is just a story, I'd never do this, am I being dishonest to some degree if what I'm writing about seriously turns me on? If something turns me on, doesn't that mean that deep down I maybe just sorta kinda wanna try it? Pop pop pop.

Yes and no. My favorite answer. In a perfect world, none of this would matter, would it? But it's not a perfect world, hence the yes and hence the no. Yes, because, damn, I've fantasized for years and it would be so fucking hot! But no, because, in the real world people have feelings and all sorts of past issues and it takes almost superhuman enlightenment to get beyond all that. So we invent it in our heads and write it with pen or pencil and paper, or digital fonts of our choosing. 

Pop pop pop. So, why then am I still afraid to share? Is it because that would be turning loose a side of myself that has rarely seen the light of day? 

I worry that people, specifically my husband (because I live with him and sleep with him), will think that somehow, this new me, this Erobintica person, isn't the real me. The me that people have known for years. And that me certainly didn't read filthy stories, much less write them. That me never told dirty jokes (though laughed at them). That me could never have those kind of thoughts. Pop pop pop. 

But that is the real me. Some of these stories I've written/am writing are based on thoughts that have been in my head for literally decades, sometimes most of my life. I've just been afraid of them. Of admitting to them. Of having to defend them. Ah, maybe that's it! Maybe I'm afraid that someone, someone who knows me, knows my past issues, will point that out to me and say "this, what you're doing, is not good, not moral, not healthy." And if someone says that to me, what do I say in response? I don't have an answer for that ... yet. I think some of this long-winded blog writing is a way to work that out. Because I do believe that this new me is the real me, the healthy me.

And damn! I could keep writing and writing and turn this into a War & Peace of a blog post. But I won't. Gotta stop typing sometime and have some breakfast, take a walk before the thunderstorms arrive and get ready to spend a day away from the computer tomorrow, working with my hands helping friends with their "bale-raising.

It will be interesting. We haven't seen these folks for years since they moved away (not that far, but far enough) and we got back in touch thanks to the internet. And I'm wondering if I'll tell them what I'm up to - the writing of erotica and blogging. Yup, should be interesting.

Such a slut

First I became a button slut, now I'm a blog slut. Yesterday I did Sommer, today Donna. Their blogs that is. Today I have a poem over at Donna George Storey's blog to go with her auditeuristic series (I think I made that word up). And if I can make my brain work, I'll have my own post up later.

And while I'm being a slut - I'm gonna post a link from Kirsten Monroe's blog - the funniest thing I've read in ages - Buzzed by Noah Baumbach at The New Yorker

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Little Corner

This is where I try to work - or one of the places I try to work. (Don't you think P.S. Haven's print would look good on the wall?) Just a little corner in our bedroom. Yeah, it's cluttered, and sometimes that might not be good because it can be distracting. But I'm a cluttered person. Nothing simple or easy about me. And even though I may enjoy a clean, zen-like environment from time to time, I like messy. It's more interesting. Maybe because nature is messy. Just take a walk in the woods.

This is where I'm gonna build myself a little writing cabin - on our land up in Maine. It'll sit where that downed tree is in the middle of the photo. It'll be small, not much larger than a good-sized tent, no power or plumbing. I've been thinking I want to do a living roof. Timber frame. Cordwood walls. A covered porch to sit and look down at this hemlock tree that I've named the "Embrace Tree" because there's a second trunk curling around the main one. I'm designing it. I want to build it myself. Oh, I'll accept help, but I want to do as much of the work myself as I can. It will be my retreat. It's a little ways from our house site, far enough, but not too far. My hope is to get most of it done this summer and fall, but the way things have been going...