Saturday, January 30, 2010

Takes one to know one

This morning was fun. I opened my email to find a Trollop. Actually, it was "the fucking word of the day," which I get emailed to me daily - you can sign up at the site. So, I let everyone's favorite Trollop with a Laptop, Alison Tyler, know about it. And that reminded me of this lovely temporary tattoo that I adorned myself briefly with last summer. Yes, that's me in the picture - what? don't recognize me? hahahaha! Yeah, that's the way my mind works.

Somewhere around here I have a Harlot temporary tattoo also, but it got misplaced. Maybe when I eventually clean my desk. Don't hold your breath.

Oh, and speaking of Trollop-related stuff, I entered Alison's latest contest, so head over there and vote for your favorite!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ideas please

Okay, so it's Friday and I've been trying to do a post a week, and today I want to do something, but my brain is just drawing a blank right now. I spent the day running around grocery shopping and stuff like that. Tonight, Mr. E and I are going to a movie. Which gave me an idea - but no time to work on it because I have to make dinner. Ain't it always something?

So, maybe tomorrow I'll put up a blog post. In the meantime - here's a pretty picture.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Way My MInd Works

Okay. So I was preparing a chicken to roast for dinner - smearing it with softened butter before I seasoned it. And while my hands were slick, I thought of Gina Marie's delectable post. And then, because my mind works that way (the one track ya know) - I thought of a commercial that I saw posted several years ago - maybe at ErosBlog? So, I went looking for it there - to no avail. Boo hoo. Though I did find some interesting posts, but no time - haha - I've got to get back to cooking dinner. Anyhow, so I went to that font of visual entertainment and after a few dead ends, voila! I found it! Here, for your viewing and appetite-whetting pleasure...

Yup, that's the way my mind works - especially on a Friday! Okay, back to the kitchen...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When first I started roaming - RIP Kate McGarrigle

Tonight I am sad. Singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle died (she's absolutely gorgeous in that picture). I first fell in love with the McGarrigle Sisters back when I was in my late teens. I discovered them through the many covers of their songs done by people like Maria Muldaur (who I saw as my very first concert in San Jose, CA) and Linda Ronstadt.

This song is probably one of my favorites, not just of Kate McGarrigle's, but of all time - probably because when I first heard it I still dreamed of living in Mendocino. I never did, but I did get close, spending the first several years of my marriage on the coast about an hour south of there. The other year when we visited the West Coast we stopped in Mendocino and it was just as beautiful as ever. The video isn't very clear, but the sound on this one is better than some others that I found. That's her children, Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright with her.

Here's a great NPR story you can listen to.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Seems that is what is happening right now with me - this past week I've had such a hard time writing - and I've been struggling with that. Am I just waiting for inspiration? I read about writers saying "just show up" - sit down and write - but sometimes what happens is ....


What happens to that overwhelming feeling of "omg I gotta write this down right now!" - when the thoughts come fast and furious - when every little thing you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, think, feel makes you want to try and capture it? Where does it go? Why do I sit and watch the cursor blinking, or scribble spirals in my notebook?

Hoping this passes soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What month is is?

It's ShThFuUpAnWoOnYoNo (Shut The Fuck Up And Work On Your Novel) Month! I discovered this in a roundabout way. Yesterday, I read this post - "Write That Damn Novel" at The Rumpus, which lead me here, which lead me to the Colson Whitehead twitter. I love the internet.

As I said in my last post of last year, one of the things I want to do this year is finish my novel that I started in November. I'd wanted to be "good" and get a writing routine down this first week of January, but as fate would have it, no such luck. Though I did work on it, it wasn't every day. So, the above sentiment of STFU and do it seems quite insightful to me right now.

Which of course I'm not doing right now (working on my novel). I'm good at finding excuses to not work on it (interruptions from kids, "things" that need doing, the old blank mind). So STFU is a good sentiment to hear right now. I've thought about posting a little (sits and tries to think of the word) gauge (not word I was trying to think of) to keep a tally of here for the whole world (well, 3 or 4 folks) to see. But I decided not to, because I don't need ANOTHER reason to beat myself up.

So, I'm just going to shut the fuck up and work on my novel. Not totally - I'm going to post - but probably only once a week - sometimes more if something strikes me. But I need to keep the distractions from being too distracting.

Next Monday (January 11) though, there will be one really fun distraction - Jeremy Edwards book release party! Besides fun and games, he's going to be talking about how he approached writing his first erotic novel. And though my novel is not necessarily an erotic novel, it will (because I am me after all) have plenty of erotic elements. So, I'm looking forward to the discussion. And I'm hoping to "see" a bunch of my blogland friends - we've all been so quiet lately.

Working on our novels perchance????