Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, golly gee whiz

I got mail today. The kind that shows up in my mailbox a lot these days - buttons - from Alison Tyler. It was this mighty mouse button. But this one wasn't for a flasher contest or a comment or any of a number of other reasons for buttons from our lady of the etsy.

And I was thinking - wtf? I couldn't remember any mighty mouse themed anything (and isn't that against her rules?) - so I was blown away when I read the paper that came with it. And I'm only copying it here because I think ALISON is so awesome and not because I want to toot my own horn or whatever (now, now, get your minds out of the toilet and into the gutter where they belong).

She, Ms. Tyler, wrote:

" Thank you so much for supporting your fellow writers, Robin! You are fantastic! I totally appreciate how generous you are with your time and talent!



Then I promptly broke into tears. I'm not sure what it is I do. I guess that maybe I do what I'd like other people to do - there's that old fucking golden rule again - and writing has been so important to me, to my sanity at times, that anything I can do to keep writing (like this blog) is a good thing. And I DO want to encourage other writers, because I know how easily we can convince ourselves that what we do (write) is meaningless. And I also know how powerful discouragement can be - active or passive and maybe the passive is more odious and effective. I've been lucky though, I've had some wonderful teacher/mentors who have managed to counteract the negative. And I guess the last thing on this earth I want to be is be a force for negative.

So, anyhow - this button she sent is big - and I'm gonna put it on my canvas writing bag - to remind me of .... hmmm .... don't know - I'm starting to tear up again.

And of course I go looking up mighty mouse stuff and found this - and laughed at the final imagery (rocket anyone?) along with "the situation well in hand" (hahaha - I've got such a dirty mind)


Scarlett Greyson said...

Yay, Allison, and Yay Robin!

You both are awesome, in my book.

Erobintica said...

Thanks. :-)