Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the...


Woke up this morning with one. It's been one of those days - and yeah, that's a bumper and not a windshield - tough. I've got a lousy cold, the groundhogs are eating my garden, oh, and yeah, the world's going to hell in a handbasket (but we knew that). So here's a musical interlude till I can find my better mood. It's kind of a neat version -  pretty pictures to look at and the words.


neve black said...

Hi Robin,
Parts of my day were just awful. I'm in checking hell with my bank and while I was trying to sort it out, I guess I was parked in the wrong place, so I got a ticket. What the hell?

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the voles are eating my garden from underground, I have to go for an MRI today to find out why I've suddenly lost the hearing in my left ear (maybe they'll be able to see other things going on inside my brain), my husband is on his first week of furlough (= can't get any writing done), and...'s called life.


Erobintica said...

Hi Neve, that doesn't sound fun. Glad it was just parts of your day.

cerulean, yeah, I was joking (only sorta kinda) about just sticking money out in the dirt for them to eat. And I hope the MRI helps with figuring out that hearing loss. Oh, and as for the writing furlough (haha) - at least you have an excuse! Hmmm ... life you say?

Marina said...

You know, sometimes LIFE SUCKS!!!!

Neve - I completely understand checking hell and parking tickets.

Cerulean - I hope the docs can figure something out. I hope your hubby finds a hobby so you can write.

Robin - I understand about the gardening thing. We've got a lovely groundhog and its offspring that live under our shed. Hope you feel better.

I'd love to win the lottery so that we could all just pack up and go somewhere beautiful and warm, with nice fruity drinks, plenty of laptops so we could write, and a few good men.........