Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Metaphor of fabric

 Today was not spent writing, but rather working with a couple of friends on a quilt project. I've never quilted before - not really - there was that PTA project too many years ago to remember...

This project is different because it is related to writing. In one of my other lives I'm a poet and late last year one of our circle, a dear friend, took his own life. Grief has a funny way of handing you a magnifying glass and forcing you to look at how you are living. That's partly why I'm here now - I'll be damned if I waste any more time being "afraid."

One friend is a fantastic quilter and she suggested we do a lap quilt to present to our departed friend's lover. And it's interesting how metaphor works as well in fabric as in words. Maybe when it's done I'll post a picture of it here - it's going to be beautiful - just like my friend. I miss him tremendously.

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