Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spicy Summer Sundays Begin!

Today is the start of a summer-long exploration of all things spicy. Conceived and hosted by Marina St. Clare and Donna George Storey, each Sunday a different erotic writer/blogger will offer up a different spice (or herb) in whatever way they desire. It should be delectable!

Head over to Donna's blog today where she's serving a sultry spicy sexy soup along with beverages to loosen the tongue – Demon-Slayer sake, Mas Malbec and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. And look! One's already been emptied and filled with summer flowers. Oh, and she has cookies of course!

I'm excited to be next week's host and my offering will be hot chili powder - but I'm not making chili.  ;-) 

Here's the full line up for the summer.

5/31  Donna George Storey – Opening and introduction
6/7    Erobintica (me! - right here) – Hot Chili Powder
6/14  Neve Black – Cilantro
6/21  Summer Marsden – Cumin
6/28  Gina Marie – Cinnamon
7/5    J.M. Stone – Thyme
7/12  Craig Sorenson – Pepper
7/19  Jeremy Edwards – Dill
7/26  Isabel Kerr – Ginger
8/2    Marina St. Clare – Basil
8/9    Cerulean – Rosemary
8/16  Emerald – Poppy Seeds
8/23  P.S. Haven – Salt
8/30  End of summer ceremonies back at Donna's


Donna said...

Wonderful idea for the empty bottles of Pale Ale! Thanks, Robin and I'm looking forward to that HOT chili dish :-).

Erobintica said...

Thanks Donna. As soon as I saw your mention of the pale ales, I knew I had to find that picture. That was taken last summer when we were camping. The day before I broke my wrist I believe.

Oh, I have all sorts of treats in store for next week! ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Hot Chili Powder.

It's not just for Chili anymore!

I look forward to your offering, Robin!

verification word: persiedu

No idea what it means, but it sounds cool with a French accent...

Erobintica said...

Thanks Craig. Likewise. I use a lot of pepper, so I'm looking forward to your turn.