Friday, July 10, 2009

Whew! It was only a dream

My alarm went off this morning and after I turned it off I went back to sleep. Big mistake. When I woke up in my own room and realized it was just a dream, I was so relieved it wasn't even funny.

So, we're on vacation. Eating in a restaurant. We finish and head out into the parking lot. But our car is not there. It's been stolen. With everything inside. Including our laptops. And I'm devastated. Now, I do back up all my written work (poems, stories) on a thumb drive that I keep with me and also since I have a .mac account (excuse me - "mobileme") I back up stuff on my iDisk (if you have to ask...) - BUT I don't have all the thousand plus pictures backed up and these are what I'm upset about, as well as the pages of a chapbook that I'm working on (they are not backed up and I was up late last night working on that). It was so real - the sense of loss.

Of course, I should have known better. The car was the old (then) car that my husband had when I met him and we got rid of almost 17 years ago (in the dream it was my fault because I hadn't locked it because I'm used to just pressing the fob button to lock my car). Also, I had a baby in poopy diapers (and of course all the clean diapers had been stolen) as well as two little kids. My youngest is turning 16 soon. So, I guess it was a nightmare on many levels. ;-)

So, today I'm still working on this damn chapbook - resigning myself that I missed some fiction deadlines because of it - though no longer feeling bad about missing the Black Lace deadlines (hugs to all who are affected by the news).

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Donna said...

Wow, indeed a nightmare on many levels, but so glad it's the kind you can wake up from! It really points out what's important to you, doesn't it?

And yes, we all have to make those choices as writers, alas....

Danielle said...

true donna..a real nightmare..but able to be left by waking up...:-)

Tarin said...

You wanna hear nightmares? My youngest turned 21 this year AND my son just moved back home! I love him but, DAMN!

Good that yours was just a dream...

Emerald said...

What an interesting dream. There seems to be symbolism on so many levels.

Best to you as you work on what you work on, Robin. :) I'm really looking forward to meeting you in August, btw (was just struck by the urge to share that for some reason. :))

Erobintica said...

Thanks everyone - I feel like I've been away for a long time - but it really hasn't been.

Donna - I figured as a mom you would appreciate the scariness. ;-) Diapers!

Yes, Danielle - the relief when I woke up and saw my bedroom was extraordinary.

Tarin - we will have to trade kid stories! Mine are 25, 21 and almost 16. The oldest lives across the country, the middle is home from college for the summer, the youngest still has 2 more years of high school. Moving back home??? Damn is right. We love our kids, but... ;-)

Emerald. Yes, there was a lot of symbolism in that dream and I haven't even had time to think about it. And I too am looking forward to meeting you. :-)

Danielle said...

hm..i totally dont understand those people who move back home..i mean..i came back from cuba and on my flight home i decided that i have to move out..what i did..a week later..i wanted to be indipendent..stand on my own feet..i didnt took any money from my parents from this moment anymore..i was twenty and moved out..and..hmmm..wasnt always easy but still i would never have moved back home...still wouldnt..:-)