Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Being slutty again

Over at Trollop with a Laptop, Ms. Alison Tyler is dragging my name through the ... posts. Seems I am the proud winner of a most wonderful custom Metal Taboo necklace. Thank you Tiffanie for choosing Fuck Shame from the comments here. I promise to post a being-worn picture of it when it arrives. I am quite excited about this (honestly - you don't know how excited I am - it's like karma man). Then, as if that weren't enough, Alison posted this. I kinda got choked up. My first inclination was to not say anything here. Ya know - hide out. But I'm trying to walk the walk - the one about valuing what it is (writing) we do. I was actually (am still) worried that folks will think I sent it (the chapbook) to her just to get a plug. Which is silly. I'm usually more inclined to NOT do something, NOT say something for just that reason - fear. So, I'll shut up now and try to get back to writing something that is being difficult. It's called running off and hiding.

Oh, and you want something that'll make you smile? Here.


Danielle said...

congrats robin..:-)

i think its wonderful that you got chosen..:-))))

Anonymous said...

Robin--I'm so excited for you! Two wonderful things in one day and both related to writing. Now I'm sorry I didn't make the poetry reading.

Great piece. Universal and personal. He was 41 to my 45.


My word was "nabismis" which sounds like what my eyes do when I try to walk--"nystagmus." Funny.

Scarlett Greyson said...

I couldn't imagine a more well deserving person for the compliments or the necklace.

Definitely. Fuck Shame.

And I responded to your comment on my blog - just to make sure you see it ;)

Emerald said...

It seemed pretty obvious to me when I read that post that AT was posting it because she truly felt that way. Not once did it occur to me that you would have sent it to her just in a hope that she would post about it. :)

Congratulations on such a response from poetry you wrote. :)

Erobintica said...

Thanks everyone. I certainly have some issues when it comes to ... hell, my mind is going blank - can't think of the word I'm looking for. I'm obviously still in a weird place.