Monday, July 20, 2009

A Year Ago Yesterday

a whomping willow whacked our house - my daughter reminded me last night. July 19. My arm was in a cast (from an earlier mishap) and I was home alone when this happened. Husband and son up in Maine, daughter at work. Short, violent little storm. I was just about to go out front and water plants but it looked like it might rain so I didn't. Good thing. I think I fared better from inside. We got a new roof out of it, but I still get a wee bit nervous when the wind gets nasty.

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Scarlett Greyson said...

It's frightening how easily willows come down. My mom had one do that - two trees over the couse of six months. Thankfully, the one fell across the driveway(and missed the car) and the other toppled so slowly is just leaned on the garage...only messing up a few shingles.

Glad you made it through safely!