Friday, July 24, 2009

Thinky, but not writey

Was going to write that my brain is percolating, but then I started to wonder - if my brain is a coffee maker, is it the kind I use (french press) or is it drip? It sure isn't a fancy espresso machine. Do they even make percolators anymore?


Scarlett Greyson said...

They sure FIL got one for Christmas a couple of years back. Electric fancy one with a timer and all the bells and whistles.

Always interesting when my brain gets the time it's done, there's some interesting stuff waiting to be consumed!

Erobintica said...

Do they still have a little clear dome on top to see the coffee go blurp?

And yeah, interesting stuff - but I'm hoping I can find the time to write when it wants to come out - uninterrupted time that is.