Monday, July 6, 2009

Gotta Be Kreativ

So, this meme's been going around and this past week both Donna George Storey and Scarlett Greyson nominated my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I'm honored that folks think my blog is worth wasting time on reading.

Now, I'm supposed to nominate 7 more blogs that I think are worthy. Well, that's too fucking hard! Just take a look at my blog list over on the right there (you might need to scroll down a bit) - those are just some of the many blogs I like to keep an eye on.

Then I started stressing about it - not wanting to leave someone off the list. I kept flashing on high school gym classes where I was the last girl picked when sides were chosen. Even for basketball - that I loved to play - so what I'm short! So, I decided to wander outside of eroticaland and mention some other blogs that I like. I may not read all of them everyday, but they're worth checking out.

The Rumpus Blog (helps me find what's new on The Rumpus)
Tiny House Blog (just because it's fun)
The Geology News Blog (it has rockin photos)
The Ethicurean (because we all have to eat)
Schott's Vocab (living language)
Dave Barry's Blog (I have long lurked there)
BoingBoing (well, duh)

There. Whew!

Okay, now I'm supposed to list 7 of my favorite things. Again. JUST SEVEN???!

1. Sunny, dry days
2. Birds (especially like raptors)
3. Chocolate, dark
4. Our piece of dirt up in Maine (where I'd be right now except Mr. E cannot take any vacation time - boo hoo)
5. Ice water with lemon or lime (whichever is cut)
6. Books
7. everything else that couldn't fit into a measly seven favorites list.

Oh, and if you missed my interview with artist Randy Lagana - check it out - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Lots of nice pictures.


Alana Noel Voth said...

Erobintica, I like books too, a lot, too much, as I've discovered having to pack them all, oh hell, I can't leave a single one behind. :-)

By the way, no one "wastes time" here reading.


Danielle said...

haaa..thx for that blog list..i didn´t know any of them..hehe*

Erobintica said...

Alana - we could open a fairly decent small library with the books we have. And next weekend is our local library's annual book sale - a dangerous place for us!

Oh, and thanks - I was just thinking how I've heard from some folks (not bloggers, btw) who think reading blogs and even worse, writing blogs is a waste. I figure that even when I'm writing something not of much consequence here, at least I'm writing and it is being read - which makes me want to write better.

Danielle - you didn't??? I could see not knowing a few of them - I must live in my own little bubble. You're welcome then. :-)