Saturday, July 4, 2009

Those Kind of Fireworks Too!

Happy Independence Day! (that's one of Mr. E's signature sparkler bombs)

The sky was clear this morning and the sun was out when we got up - a bit late because we had some of our own fireworks sometime after midnight. ;-)

As the day progresses I'll keep adding stuff here - I just don't have the time now because we are having waffles with whipped cream and berries.


Gina Marie said...

Happy Fourth Robin & Co. I so love your "tags." It fucking stopped raining! Yay!

Erobintica said...

Same to you Gina. Yes, it's not only NOT RAINING, but it's sunny and breezy (there are a few puffy clouds) and I've walked 4 miles and weeded gardens and heading out to do more of that and it should be great tonight - for a fire in the firepit & toasted marshmallows and fireworks and sparklerbomb and who knows what else!