Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heading out for a few days, aka hiding

Today I'm struggling with trying to get a couple of subs done and I'm worried I won't make it - not with my current mood. I'm going away for the weekend and though we're no longer going to be camping (bad weather is forecast) - I've decided NOT to take my laptop. So I will be away from all this internet craziness.

Oh, forgot to add this! On Sunday, head over to Marina St. Clare's for this week's Spicy Summer Sunday blog stop where she'll be dishing up Basil.


Cora Zane said...

You get kudos from me simply for leaving behind the laptop. Have a good trip!

neve black said...

Yes, have a great trip. Leave the laptop at home, but...just in case, bring a writing instrument and a journal - the inspiration may speak to you.... :-)

Emerald said...

Have a beautiful weekend Robin! Enjoy the computer/Internet-free time. :)

Erobintica said...

How very odd - usually I get an email notice when comments are left - but I didn't for these.

Thanks, but I didn't quite go internet free. ;-)

Home already - time flies when you're driving most of the weekend.