Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow - just finished reading

I just finished reading Stephen Elliott's The Adderall Diaries. When I have the time (like on maybe Friday) I want to sit down and write about reading it and some of his words that stuck in my head. It will be interesting because I won't have the book anymore - tomorrow I send it off in the mail to the next reader. And the book doesn't come out until September (or thereabouts), so I will have to wait to get it.

All I can say is this touched me on several levels. More later.


Alana Noel Voth said...

Hey Erobintica,

My favorite Stephen Elliot line is, "I've eroticized my childhood traumas." Or maybe he used the word "abuse." He is in Portland this very second participating in the Tin House workshops at Reed College. I couldn't afford the tuition or take the time off work so close to my move. :-(

I look forward to yuor review of his new book. :-)


Erobintica said...

Hi Alana - The word is "traumas" - and yet, when I read that line it hit me and has stayed with me. A lot of what he writes does that. I'm not really going to do a "review" - but I am going to try to put my impressions into words and probably ramble a lot. But that's tomorrow - today I'm starting to stress about tonight's reading. I'm trying hard to not go to the "everything I do sucks" place.

Oh, and you can still get a copy to read - follow the link.

Danielle said...


when i discovered the book-borrow-possibility i thoughtb about writing to him..but i m sure this is "inside of the states" only..:-/