Monday, February 9, 2009

What's Real?

I just love that delete key. This morning I'd started a post and then wandered off in a completely different direction than I had planned. After a shower, washing the spider webs from my brain, I'm ready.

The picture shows blue cones used to mark the corners on a movie set, they don't remove them while they're filming, they'll just disappear. Like magic!  

When I first started keeping this blog back in December, I honestly didn't think anybody would be reading it, except maybe my husband when I bugged him enough. But people are, and since I'm a writer, well, hell, I'm gonna write here. 

What to write though? I don't intend on this being a diary of all the little tidbits of my life (how boring would that be? hahaha). But the whole thing about writing, and writing erotica specifically, and "is  it real?" - well, that interests me. And of course I'm going to write about what interests me.

So this is getting created as I go. No plan. No to do list. One thing I had intended to do was muse on what it's like to be new at this erotica writing stuff, and blogging stuff. (I'm not feeling very eloquent this morning). One thing I DO like is the conversations that take place in the comments (the progressive dinner was great for that). 

Shanna Germain has an interesting post about writers - they're not necessarily what they write. (Duh!) It got my interest because I've been pondering the whole public/private blurred line that exists in the lives of those who write. 

Blogging is writing. For me it's a way to get my brain going. I've gotten some great ideas as I was typing away here (or reading elsewhere). But then there's the frustration of wanting to just type type type but having to be somewhere else (job, kids, family, all the myriad obligations we have in our "real" life). Unless you're a hermit and hole up in a cave somewhere, there's constant little knocks at the door, begging for our attention.

This week is gonna be crazy for me - so much to do - and all I want to do is sit and write. Write write and blog write. One thing I'm planning on doing when I get the time is to try and get a regular discussion going for newbie/virgin erotic writer/bloggers. A couple of other folks I've met during the progressive dinner are interested. I think the conversation that goes on in comments is a good portion of what makes some blogs interesting (I don't like the stupid rudeness that seems to prevail in some places) and I know I want mine to be interesting. 

And of course, I'm out of time. Maybe I'll write more later.


Donna said...

An ongoing discussion for newbie/virgin erotica writers is a great idea! And you know, Zen mind, beginner's mind, we're all newbies in our own way :-)

Erobintica said...

I admit that when I first peeked in at some of the blogs and saw these tremendously long lists of publication credits I was going "oh oh, maybe I should slave away in silence for a few decades first." But as I read I realized that some are fairly new and the ones that aren't don't seem to be horribly jaded (at least the ones I've come across).


Anonymous said...

"And you know, Zen mind, beginner's mind, we're all newbies in our own way :-)"

I remember one time several years ago I read a story on the ERWA website that struck me as one of the most amazing erotica stories I'd ever read. I emailed the author to express such and mentioned that it also made me realize how much of an amateur I was. She wrote back with something like, "There are no amateurs, only more or less pages each of us has written."

I have a feeling she expressed it more eloquently. :) But I remember that it struck me, and I remember that I appreciated it.

Craig Sorensen said...

I agree with Donna and Emerald. We're all still learning. I'm pretty new to all of this, beyond the Zen aspect, my first print publication being around a year ago.

I'm happy to be along for the ride.

Craig Sorensen said...

And my verification word after I posted is cussing.

I almost feel bad that I'm not.

Cussing, that is.

Erobintica said...

Emerald, thanks, that's cool. One thing that kept me from writing - not just erotica, but most other writing that I now do - is that fear that I'm not good enough, will never be good enough, those writers are gods and I could never aspire...

you get the drift

What I'm loving about writing erotica is that it's making me think about my writing differently. It's not quite as personal as my poetry, but it's more personal than essays or whatever. I have fun writing it.

Craig, I do believe we're all still learning till the day we die - how boring to "know it all" - ack! That would make me cuss. Hehe.