Thursday, February 19, 2009

Erotica 101

Okay, so this happened a week ago - how time flies. 

Last Thursday I took the train into NYC to attend Rachel Kramer Bussel's Erotica 101 class. It was held at 92YTribeca. There was a little bit of confusion because while it had been originally billed as Erotica 101, it later was described as an Erotic Love Letter writing class, complete with a cocktail - some chocolate cherry concoction what was ... okay. Needless to say, everyone except the teacher had one. Luckily it really was Erotica 101.

Rachel had us mainly do a mess of 5 minute writing exercises (I love writing exercises!) 
- a story with a chair
- a place in NYC
- write from gender or orientation not your own
- food
- someone famous
- a letter telling someone a fantasy you've never told them (guess this was the "letter" part)
- part non-fiction, part fiction (rewrite a less-than-ideal experience but make it great)

We also had the opportunity to read what we wrote to the room (there were seven folks in the class) - and I actually enjoyed that - my days of being afraid to read my writing out loud have been left in the dust of years and years of writer's workshops, etc. I've read (and performed) some of my erotic poems before, but this was the first time to read prose. I got a lot of good starts for things - I'm just warming up at 5 minutes - but still haven't had much of a chance to do any concentrated writing. Rachel also had some handouts and sent us all home with a book - she had several copies of Frenzy, which I already had, so I picked Tasting Him, which I  haven't even had time to nibble at. 

So, it was a fun evening. Though late because it was well past midnight when I got home. Then I was back in the city the next night (for poetry) and now again tonight to go to In The Flesh. I'm feeling just a little intimidated - it's supposed to be a huge evening and I've never been to it before. But, I have to hear Susie Bright read in person (been a fan for umpteen years).


Donna said...

Thanks for the insider report, Robin. I love to live vicariously :-). Have a great time at In the Flesh. I think as an audience member there are few worries--unless some guy with a huge member wants to seduce you in the restroom....

Marina said...

Wow - sounds great! You'll have to let me know what was in the handouts. Have fun at In the Flesh!

Gina Marie said...

Hi Robin,

I hope this doesn't post twice. Blogger is messing with me. Your thrills give me goosebumps and chills!

Have a wonderful time. You will love Susie -- she's hilarious.

Hmmmm...Donna -- a huge member and seduction in the restroom at In the Flesh -- sounds like the perfect evening!

Erobintica said...

Well, weird stuff is going on with my blog - I had to click on the archive linky on the right - the rest is invisible. Not sure what's up with that. It was there earlier and obviously you folks have read it.

Donna, Marina & Kirsten, I will provide a full report. And I'm sorry, but every time I read or hear the word "member" I just want to crack up.

well, let's see if this posts

Donna said...

Don't be sorry--I crack up at the word "member" too :-D.

Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo said...

Great to meet you at the class and to remeet you at In The Flesh!

Erobintica said...


Hi, nice to see you stop by. Yeah, it was great meeting you and seeing you last night. I had a great time.