Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Deep

Ever get going on a story and wish the whole world would disappear so you could work only on that? Dinner? You want dinner? Go away.

Well, I wish I could be like that, but deep down I'm a mom at heart, so I  have to take a break from something and fix dinner. A real quickie dinner. So I can get back to my story. I have to finish it tonight!

My husband sent me this link to a very interesting opinion piece at TIME magazine on the changing publishing business -  so I took a few minutes to read it. Very interesting. 


Donna said...

Hey Robin,

The mom stuff is time consuming, but isn't it wonderful to be so consumed by a story? I've seen that Time article and it is interesting. I think for the insiders it's not good news but for the little guy we have more options these days. So some good, some bad.

Unknown said...

Robin, I've definitely been there. I homeschool my boys so the time I have to dedicate to my writing is precious little. Leads to many sleepless nights.

As for the time does give you a little spark of hope to know that there are alternative methods after you've exhausted the traditional avenues.

Erobintica said...

Umm, all I can say right now is yes.

Consumed - yes.

Exhausted - yes.

All in a good way though.

Donna - there definitely seems to be more options now - at least for writers - I think.

T. Elle - Sleepless nights huh? "Mom, whatcha workin' on?" Hehehe.