Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday morning ramblings

Ah, it's the weekend. And I'm feeling quite lazy. It's 10:30am and I just had breakfast - not having gotten up till amost 10am - not at all like us.

Last night I made Jambalaya for the first time. It turned out wonderful. The recipe I used is here. While I was doing all the chopping and stirring the Hank Williams song was running through my head. After dinner I found this!

I love Betty Boop - had a tank top with a picture of her that I wore in college. Think it's still buried around here somewhere. And I have a button of a cowgirl Betty Boop - somewhere - yes - I'm the button slut.

This morning we were rudely awakened by a phone call - it was the oil delivery guys in the driveway - it was 6:30am - on a SATURDAY! Mr. Erobintica got dressed and went out to take care of them - in other words, write them a large check. He says they were a regular comedy team. Then I see the forecast for the next storm coming in - possibly up to 8 inches of snow. Well, we've got oil and we've got wood. As my husband said - "bring it on."

But right now it's sunny and nice - so I'm going to take a long walk and then come back and take a peek at the story I finished the other day. If my damn printer will work. It wasn't last night (yeah, I tried to print it out but the feed isn't working. I like to print out hard copies of things because I see stuff I don't see on the screen.

I'm nervous. I guess that's normal. It seemed really good at the time, but I know from past experience that often when I look at something again I'm disappointed. But while I was writing it I kept thinking of ways to extend the story. So, I don't know whether to (if it's any good) send it out as a short story or hold onto it and see if it develops more or, or, or... What do other folks do?

Okay, I'm sitting here and my mind has gone blank. The coffee doesn't seem to be working this morning. Maybe I'd better get walking.


Craig Sorensen said...

I tend to trust my instincts, but it took a while to get to where I learned to read them accurately.

If you don't feel good about the story, do not send it out!

But you have to be cautious about your head getting in the way, convincing yourself that your story is not ready, just so you don't have to take that next step.

But as you have some publication credits in a truly tough field, I think you can get past this one easily; just use the same measure as you do for when a poem is done.

I hope this helps some.

Nikki Magennis said...

All stories need edited, some more than others. You just need fresh eyes to see what works and what doesn't! I'd advise waiting a decent amount of time - a week or two. And then attack the bugger and don't let it win.

; )

Erobintica said...

Thanks Craig. It's funny, by now I trust my instincts (for the most part) with poetry, but fiction is different. I do feel good about the story - and I have peeked at it - and I'm starting to realize what I feel it's lacking - so I'm glad I've just let it be. Maybe today with it being a snow day I'll work on it some.

Erobintica said...

Nikki, yeah, fresh eyes is definitely needed - I found that when I reread it right after I wrote it I couldn't see what was missing because I was filling in the blanks with my brain. When I peeked at it a day or so later (though I didn't reread the whole thing) I immediately saw what was missing - but I didn't go in and mess with it. I may today - we'll see. Or maybe I'll work on something new - or maybe work on the poetry that I need to finish up for a couple of deadlines.

Good thing it's snowing.