Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And another one

Okay, now I can't figure out why blogger insists that the type in the previous post must be small - I keep telling it to make it "normal" and it won't listen. Just like my cats.

So here is my Take a Picture entry.

Tearing Down the Darkroom

“Seems such a shame.” Kathy said.

“Yeah, but I never use it anymore. I just plug the digital into my computer. Photoshop does the rest.”

They stood in the doorway of the little room Mark had built in the basement years ago. He thought of the time he’d spent there, agitating trays, watching the magic happen. He missed the smell of developer and fixer. He stepped inside. Switched on the safelight.

Kathy followed him. Let the door close behind them.

“We never got to fool around in here what with the kids and everything.”

She slid her hand over his butt. Gave it a little squeeze. Mark turned, pulled her to him. Eyes not yet adjusted to the dark, their lips missed, then met. In a sudden flash of passion, they groped like teenagers, fumbling at each other’s zippers. His hand slipped between her legs, found her already saturated. She pushed his jeans down and slid fingers through the opening of his briefs. He groaned as she stroked.

“Better late than never.”

Mark kicked their jeans aside and lifted Kathy onto the scrap of counter he’d installed.
“Oh! It’s cold!”

“My butt’s making a contact print”

“Gotta make sure I use the right aperture.”

Both laughing, she grabbed his hair, kissed him hard as he pushed into her. Wrapping her legs around him, she reached behind to brace herself and bumped the enlarger. In the dim light, glossy with sweat, silver glinting in their hair, their orgasms solarized them, left them clinging to each other, breathing heavily.

A knock came.

“Mom? Dad?”


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story!

This --

"it won't listen. Just like my cats."

-- made me laugh out loud.

Erobintica said...

Thanks Emerald!

Marina said...

So glad you posted these! Both were really good!

Craig Sorensen said...

I like the romanticism and playfulness of this story. It's a tale most parents can identify with!

Erobintica said...

Marina, thanks! Now that I've posted them, it seems silly to me that I didn't want to. Oh well. Live & learn.

Thanks Craig. It's so funny that when Alison announced the theme it's the first thing that popped into my head. We really do have a gross old darkroom (a dishwasher broke right above it - imagine the rest - talking major mildew) - and we've never... hehehe...

but we have had our share of times with kids not knocking.