Sunday, February 15, 2009


I don't think that what I do (be a mom, be a writer/poet) is of much value in today's world. Oh, I know it is - intellectually - but for far too long I couldn't see that worth for myself. My husband spent years trying to convince me, bless his heart. But it wasn't until recently - oh, in the past year or so that I started believing in myself. It's so damn fucking hard! 

This morning I read my horrorscope in the paper (I don't put too much faith in them ever since my husband told me how when he worked at a newspaper long long ago sometimes they'd get mixed up - I imagined all those little predictions fluttering to the ground and getting scooped up and glued wherever) - and it was one that gave me pause:

Self-approval is always of greater importance than acknowledgment from others. Don't let others make you think that you need their acceptance to have any worth. 

I had to get to a place of self-approval BEFORE I was able to start doing this erotica thing. Oh, I'd wanted to for years, but something always stopped me. 

Then after breakfast I start checking other erotica writer blogs and find that a question I'd posted in my blog the other day (basically - Why write erotica?) prompted Craig Sorensen to go deeper into his "simple" answer. And his long answer is wonderful. 

And here I'd been worried when I first started this that my blog was going to end up as some sort of lonely mental masturbation on my part. And I'm not ashamed to admit that it gives me little bit of a thrill to see that what my brain finds interesting - well, that other brains find interesting too. Thanks Craig.

And here I want to take a moment to thank all the other writer/bloggers who have welcomed me and put the little linky things to my blog on theirs and well, shit, I'm getting a bit emotional right now. So - THANK YOU - all of you who are reading and commenting. 


Craig Sorensen said...

You're welcome, Robin, and thank you!

The importance of self-approval cannot be underestimated. That was a key part of my moving forward a few years ago too.

I think it's true in any form of writing, but owing to the personal nature of erotica, it is especially so here.

We're in this together!

BadAssKona said...

It's always fun to think about why we open ourselves up, in the most personal of ways, by writing about sexual fantasies or issues. The impetus to write differs for all of us, I'm sure. But, we all strive to be understood, or to instruct, or just have fun with a part of ourselves that has deep meaning to us. Groups, like this, are wonderful and encouraging. Our passions are shared passions. And, after all, isn't that what drives us?

Erobintica said...

Craig, I liked this - I think it's true in any form of writing, but owing to the personal nature of erotica, it is especially so here.

Our imaginations are strange beasts. Those of us who write understand how who we are is different from what we write - but I think people who don't write don't understand that, especially when it comes to sex. If a writer pens a murder, most people figure they're just "making it up" but write a sex scene and they (the reader) thinks you've exposed some deep, dark desire. And maybe you have, but who's to know? Oh hell, I think I think too much sometimes, hahaha.

BAK, yeah, we all do this for such different reasons- and in so many different ways, but I always find I'm so energized by being in a room (real or virtual) with other writers discussing what we do. Passion is definitely the right (write?) word. I'll be dragging and then read something that just electrifies me. That's the magic of writing. And I'm a sucker for it.