Sunday, February 1, 2009

Salad Days

After a brief pause to let our bodies digest the wonderful erotic blog feast of the past week, we travel to Emerald's city, for the salad tossing extravaganza (sorry, couldn't resist - it's late). Though I have no idea what will be in her salad, I searched my files and found a picture taken in my garden in warmer times - it will be warmer in a few months, right?

Will post picture in the morning - think I hit blogger gridlock post super bowl


Anonymous said...

Such a coincidental -- or as Donna might say, "synchronous" -- comment, as I believe you will see when you arrive for the salad course today. ;)

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you there!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming by, E-Rob! (I'm sorry, I could not seem to resist.) My acupuncturist just dropped in to explain a little more about the five seasons. She is much more on top of that than I -- but of course she did go to school for four years for it and does it for a living, lol.

Erobintica said...

You are most welcome, and I will put up with the E-Rob, hahaha. I had a lot of fun with your question today. And how cool that your acupuncturist dropped by!

See you at dessert!