Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, that didn't work

Had a cool post, but it wasn't working pasting something here. Gonna have to figure it out and try again.


Elise Hepner said...

What did you paste it from? Lately blogger has been really mean about my pasting posts from Open Office. It gets it's little html panties in a bunch.

Danielle said...

blogger is mean in genereal lately..ask alison...:-)i m still sad because of the panty parade

Craig Sorensen said...

Elise and Robin,

I've had problems pasting into blogger. Try going into the "edit html" mode and paste your text into there, then you can go back into "compose" mode to do pictures and such.

Danielle said...


craig?? HELP!!! you are send from up above..i have some trouble since a while to get back into the composer mode...err*..did i say help allready?

Craig Sorensen said...


What browser are you using, Danielle? There should just be a tab right above the box you enter the blog in, to the right of the title box with the following side by side:



You should be able to just click on the word Compose and be back in that mode.

I do know that different browsers can have different issues. It usually behaves best in Internet Explorer, but I'm not such a fan of it, so I've figured out how to make it work in Firefox (hence the advice above.)

Let me know if this helps or not...

Erobintica said...

hahaha - maybe I should change the title of this post to blogger is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Elise, it was from on of those online quiz result things (finally on 3rd try I typed it correctly - I always type it reslut - a freudian slip if there ever was one). My pirate name.

Craig, I did paste into Edit HTML. And it worked, but part of it was cut off - which ruined it. I'll try and do it manually later - but I just haven't had time to futz around with it.

Danielle, not only Panty Parade, but her tattoo one too - the Rootytootoot (or however it was spelled) - and a picture of my trollop tattoo was on that too. Luckily I also posted it on my blog - I will post a link to that when I get around to it. Hope you get your blogger problems figured out.

Danielle said...

craig it worked wonderfully..:-)))

robin..i know..its sad isnt it? my notes are gone too frum the other blog..:-(