Monday, September 21, 2009

How will it be?

Click play and then read this while the music is playing - then just let the song finish and sit with the words. Or leave. Or comment. Or nothing. I'm just free-writing here.

how will it be?
before there was this
here and now
at a crossroads
wonder which way
know how?
let me show you
what I mean
not to fear
know our love
what is real?
it won't fade
the only constant
let me tell you
now is the time
chose a path
don't drive me back
I am constant
away fade not
then and now
know our love
feel how I know
how it will be


Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks Robin!

There is much to absorb with the flow of the ideas and how they link up to the music. Some excellent things come from free form writing.

Very nice.

Donna said...

Love the cross-media experience here, the questions left open, the openness of it all.

Art that opens us up--that's what the world needs more of.

Erobintica said...

Hey, thanks Craig and Donna. I was afraid nobody would be willing to take the time to do this.

That was a good exercise for me. Today I've been writing up a storm - an essay that already has been submitted, finished a poem, wrote a really long email to a friend. It feels good to be writing again.