Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I'm distracted

by real life right now (it's all good) - and I haven't been able to focus all that well on my blog, I thought I'd just post some rather hot links.

BadAssKona and Gina Marie have an amazing lesson series going on.
Human Sexuality 101 Continued: The Lip and the Cock - at Aphrodite's Table

I know it's not Monday anymore, but Janine Ashbless had a particularly hot Eyecandy Monday this week.

Danielle de Santiago has some great Green Porno (with Isabella Rosselinni as a praying mantis).

And I know this was from last Friday, but Alison Tyler's most recent Fetish Friday was a good one.

Awhile back I went on a Stephen Elliott bender. I just watched this again and in case you haven't seen it, I figured I'd embed it (I love the word embed, hahaha).


Anonymous said...

great interview. honest and true. i also printed and read what you had posted previously about his writing process after you went to the city to see him. interesting guy. thanks for introducing him to the rest of us.--Linda

Anonymous said...

This was something very different for me. Thank You!