Friday, September 18, 2009

I'll shiver ye timbers!


First, get ye a pirate name here. Mine is Iron Morgan Bonny. What's yours?

Arrrrrrr - grab some grog and let's belly up to the bung hole.

Been at sea too long? For some fun pirate pick up lines - check out this here bunch. Us lady pirates have some fun ones.

The number one line is

"You. Pants off. Now!"

Sounds good to me. ;-) Methinks I'll celebrate the day by writing some pirate smut.

And ye can always go aft for some booty.

And now, me hearties, some shanties that'll shiver ye timbers.


Craig Sorensen said...

Aye me hearties. 'Tis a fine day for a bit of yo-ho-ho...

Verification word: bless


Erobintica said...

'Tis indeed a fine day me bucko.

bless, huh?

bless me, methinks I'll splice the mainbrace, even though 'tis early still

Danielle said...

hm..i m not good in english pirate talk..but i look good with a eye patch (i have actually one in my goodie-drawer)..does that count???

row row row the boat...laughs*

neve black said...

I have a plaque that used to hang from my back door (the literal back door) and it read:

All ye that enter must surrender the booty.

That plaque is storage for my next back door. :-)

Thanks for being a such a good wench and playing along with Pirate Day.