Monday, September 7, 2009

Transitioning, still

I'm thinking about work. Today is Labor Day. But instead of going to the parade or having a BBQ or any of that, we're moving my daughter back to the dorms at college. This would be her senior year, but she changed majors and transferred schools and so has an extra year to make up. This year my son will have to start thinking about college (he's a junior). My oldest is on the far coast, living with her boyfriend and their puppy. Raising my children has been a labor of love. Blood, sweat, tears. Satisfaction. Pride. Worry. Even when they are all grown and gone, I will still be a mother. That can never be undone.

That has been the work of my life up till now. Oh, I've had jobs, but they pale. Now, I work at being a writer. Lately I've not been working very hard. (I know, I know, go easy on myself). Tomorrow will be a day after a transition. The house will be quiet - my husband doesn't make too much noise in his basement office. My time will be my own. I hope to write. I hope that what's rattling around in my head can find a way out. I woke this morning at 3:30am, brain buzzing, but with nothing even worth getting up to jot down. Now I have to get dressed and prepare for the day.

The leaves are actually starting to fall. Just brown and crumpled. Weeds are going to seed. There is a dryness in the air after our soggy summer. Change.


Danielle said...

i love what you write about..not..not what but how you write about your children...i really do...

here the air is dry and cool...over night most leaves in the park turned brown and red and yellow...a storm tore down a lot as well..naked trees lift their arms in they pale blue they are ready to take what will be served...

Cora Zane said...

Robin, I'm feeling that same thing right now. I can't seem to focus on writing and I don't know why. There is definitely change in the air. :S

BTW, being a mom is a badge of pride in my opinion. It's my Oldest's senior year of high school this year. They grow up so fast!

Emerald said...

"I hope to write."

Here's an invitation to breathe consciously, too.

I've noticed a few leaves that seemed to go straight to brown — other than that I have not seen much fall color on the trees yet, but the chill in the air at the baseball game really alerted me to the seasonal change.