Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fleshing out fantasy

Yesterday, Donna George Storey blogged about fantasies being fantasies being fantasies...

which made this song pop into my head (damn! embedding disabled - it's Billy Idol's "Flesh For Fantasy" - with the lip thing going really good)...

which got me thinking about blurring of lines. I bought Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden way back when it first came out in paperback. It was well-read (used?) by me back-in-the-day. Also got the follow-up books, Forbidden Flowers and Men In Love. I don't recall hearing that the sexual "fantasies" were actually fiction - in other words, not "real" fantasies. But somehow it doesn't surprise me. But WTF??? 

Donna did a great job of twisting that genre all around (go read "Jessica's Fantasies"). But the more I thought about fantasies - which are fiction, right? - but can be based on truth - well, my head started spinning. 

And then my reactions over the course of my lifetime to my own sexual fantasies got me thinking - and well, like I've said before, when I start thinking - watch out! I've had ... um ... sexual fantasies ... or what might be considered sexual fantasies ... for a very long time. Had a love/hate relationship with them. At times in my life (early teens) I wanted to NOT have them because they tended to lead to !!!!!!! oh no! not that! masturbation - shhhh - I never said that!

I remember - I was a freshman in high school and somebody was passing around - in art class of all places - some pamphlet talking about "self-abuse" and how it was a sin and since I was an impressionable, church-going (at the time), full-of-guilt (at the time), extremely horny (duh!) thirteen-year-old, I took it to heart. New Year's Resolutions anyone?

Hahahahahaha. I am so fucking glad I survived that time of my life. Anyhow. Now here I am, many decades later, and I'm taking fantasies, old and new, and fleshing them out in order to turn them into fiction. But ... what of the stories I create that are not based on my own fantasies? Are they fantasies? They are, but they aren't. Sometimes by writing I create a new fantasy. 

Well, I could go on and on, but there's a new Beginner's Ball up - this one is #5 - over at Marina St. Clare's blog - and her topic is !!! "Anything But Underaged Goat Porn!"  Curious? Hehehe.


Donna said...

Oh, Robin, I wish you would go on and on! Although the discussion need not end with one post of course. This touches on the heart of what erotica writers do.

I've translated actual sexual fantasies into stories or scenes, but in the process they've become something very different from the images I "used" originally. And stories I've written for themed anthologies that have been a stretch in terms of my own interests have become new fantasies. As I write more and more stories and certain favorite themes emerge, it's as if the body of my work, so to speak, is like a map of my fantasy world. The same basic scenarios repeat themselves with different details. You know, you write one story about spanking, it's an experiment, write six and you're outing yourself, lol.

And, yes, I'm so glad I survived adolescence, too--and my twenties. I'd never want to go back to those days. Love my wrinkles too much!

Erobintica said...

Don't worry Donna - I'm sure I'll have more to say about this - I know I do.

It is VERY interesting to me that when I sit down and write a story based on an actual fantasy that it changes - and hearing that happens to you too - well, it all makes sense. I've learned it's impossible to control what you're writing. I love that - one story=experiment, six=outing yourself. Well, I have a ways to go before outing my particular ... storylines. ;-)

yeah, I would never go back - though I wouldn't mind having some of the energy I had then.

Aisling Weaver said...

I can definitely understand where you're coming from, Robin.

My fantasies have morphed considerably over the years. Some of them actually because of my husband's fantasies. He was turned on by something, so in trying to understand, to be a "part of it" I found that I, too, could be turned on by it.

And I have a lot of fantasies that would never, EVER, be allowed to happen in reality.

Very thoughtful, as always, Robin, you get my wheels turning...and now that I'm very late to the party, I'm off to the Ball!

hmm. My security word - verse.

I am learning, through my writing, that I know little of the verse, only the refrain, of my life.