Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fit to be tied

Here's the story I entered in Alison Tyler's latest story contest. I didn't place but I did get 3 votes. I voted for Renae's "You Decide" and my husband voted for tygre's "Bound to be Patient." I don't tell him which of the stories is mine. One of these days he'll guess, but he hasn't so far. Is that good? Not sure I want to think too hard about that one. ;-)

Strands of Imagination
© Robin Elizabeth

I lay still. Quiet. On my side. Arms over my head, wrists held together by strands. Waiting for his first touch. Where will he start? My shoulder? Elbow? Maybe the back of the neck, lifting my hair to gently kiss the nape. Or he might trace my spine down to it's tip, then return. The thought made me shiver. He might start with my lips, parting them with his thumb, testing my tongue. Or he might stroke along the side of my body, from wrist, down the arm, brushing past breast, over waist, hip, all the way down my leg to stroke my foot. Maybe he'd just give my nipple a quick twist and make me jerk at the sudden intensity. He could spiral a finger around and around my navel. Or gently brush his fingers through the thick curly brown hairs till he finds wetness. Because I will be wet. And I'll not be able to return his touch, just receive. He'll keep at it till I tremble and pant, crazed with lust. Wanting more than  just his hands, his mouth, his cock. I'll want to fuck his mind. Make his imagination come.

© Robin Elizabeth. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission of the author.

These quick little exercises have sure been fun. Good for getting the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Life's been a bit crazy these last few days, but once the New Year has come and gone, things generally quiet down and I plan on really getting a good bit of writing done. And I can't wait for more of these "writing prompts" from Alison. 

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